June 19, 2017

Another big win for Coaches Across Continents

For the past five years, Taiji Brand Group has been very proud to support Coaches Across Continents (CAC), an award-winning NGO that promotes and implements “Sport for Social Impact” programs around the world. What is Sport for Social Impact? It simply means using sport – in this case, soccer – to break down barriers and create an open, fun and safe learning environment.

CAC partners with other world-class organizations to teach programs, all using soccer as their starting point, that address issues such as conflict prevention, child rights, health and wellness, life skills and female empowerment. One of the really cool things about CAC is that they will only work with organizations that are willing to include girls and women as equal partners.

As part of our pro bono work with CAC, which began with their branding and website development in 2012, Taiji has once again had the pleasure of designing the organization’s Year in Review. Thanks to the incredible photos supplied by the CAC staff, this piece is always brightly coloured and joyful, but the numbers in the report are even more impressive than the pictures: in 2016, CAC taught programs in 28 countries on six continents, working with 1,698 community partners and leading to direct positive impacts on an estimated 1.4 million children. View the complete report.

The amazing thing about using soccer as a catalyst for learning is that it can be adapted to almost any situation or environment. For example, in 2016, CAC programs helped promote women’s rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo, build up community leaders in the slums of India, improve police relations with citizens in Los Angeles and train Nike employees to volunteer in their communities across the U.S.

To find out more, please visit the CAC website. We hope you’ll be as inspired as we are.

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