Our approach

The Taiji way

Taiji’s strength lies in our ability to bring strategic depth, clarity and focus to any organization or project. Our aim is quite simple: to encourage people to understand your brand as well as you do and feel meaningfully engaged with what you have to offer. All of the strong, authentic brands do this. To use an analogy, it’s like creating the perfect spokesperson, tailoring a suit for her or him and then penning consistently intelligent and artfully crafted messages. If you have a vision of what you’d like to achieve, we can develop the image and the voice for you.


What we stand for

We help clients aim higher and maximize impact.

Taiji team members are:

  • Driven to push past ordinary to outstanding
  • Passionate about doing great work
  • Committed to smart, sustainable solutions
  • Attentive to time and resources
  • Fueled by humour, good food and coffee

Who we work with

We work with people who value great work and prefer to collaborate.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Expanding companies requiring brand integration after a merger or acquisition
  • Evolving and expanding organizations that need to ensure their brand keeps pace with growth
  • Industry associations under pressure to build visibility and expand social license in their operating communities
  • Causes and people who aspire to make a positive difference in the world but need to compete with much larger, well-funded entities
  • Anyone wishing to enhance web visibility and make a strong connection to their audiences online

How we work with you

Our collaborative process builds strong brands from the inside out.

The Taiji way:

  • We start at the cellular level — exploring the processes, systems and people that make your brand tick
  • We then assemble a robust understanding of your stakeholders and competitors
  • We use this information to draw out your organization’s distinctive purpose and priorities
  • We align these unique components into smart, effective branding, communications and engagement strategies
  • We develop innovative, yet practical creative and applications for print and web — and, anything that needs branding
  • We give you user-friendly tools that enable you to confidently and effectively apply your brand and messaging
  • We provide ongoing support to nurture your brand, online presence and community engagement

Where we give back

We support the work of many community and global causes.

Taiji passions:

  • Sport for social impact: Coaches Across Continents
  • Sport as the heart of a healthy community: Cowichan Sportsplex
  • Sustainable communities and food security: Cowichan Green Communities
  • Strong, resilient regional futures: West Cork
  • Vibrant neighbourhoods and cities: North Park Village Branding
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