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26 May '17

The Style Guide – what it is and why your organization needs one (really).

If you’ve worked in publishing or in media – or anywhere else where writing is the main activity – you’ve probably had to refer to a style guide. But even if writing isn’t your main business, your organization can … Read More

25 Apr '17

How to verify your Facebook page and why you should!

We’ve had a few people ask, “Why should I verify my Facebook page? And how do I do it?”

So we asked Zoe, our in-house Social Media specialist, to lay out the steps for you.

Verifying your Facebook page … Read More

25 Apr '17

The Oxford Comma

For grammar geeks like me, the term “Oxford comma” evokes a passionate response, but most people simply feel confused. What the heck is it, and how are you supposed to use it (or not)? My colleagues at TGB have … Read More

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