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05 Jul '16

Tourism Cowichan Society goes with Taiji Brand Group

Many thanks to Tourism Cowichan Society, which recently awarded us the coveted contract to develop a brand strategy with which to enhance Cowichan’s tourism offering. Tourism Cowichan Society’s Chairperson, Janet Docherty, said this of the initiative, “Cowichan’s potential as a … Read More

05 Jul '16

Taiji work graces Times Square in New York City

It’s not every day that a Canadian branding firm’s work is featured in New York, let alone in Times Square. Our Panamanian-based client, Open Blue Cobia, wanted to make a big splash (pun intended) in the US market and, for … Read More

13 Jun '16

Cobia: The Movie and the Dish

Our Panama-based client Open Blue is the leader in open-ocean aquaculture and the world’s largest producer of cobia, a high protein fish renowned for its rich, buttery taste and meaty texture. Recently, we helped Open Blue with the launch of a virtual … Read More

09 Jun '16

Taiji’s Shelter Point Whisky packaging makes its world debut

Our client, Shelter Point Distillery has just released its first-ever batch of single malt whisky. Five years in the making using Scottish-inspired “field to flask” methods, the whisky is already receiving rave reviews. The label, designed by our very … Read More

04 Apr '16

Taiji’s latest work spans continents

For a number of years, Taiji has been involved with “Coaches Across Continents”, an international organization that has become a global leader in the “sport for social impact” movement. With sport (particularly soccer) serving as a way to support … Read More

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