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21 Apr '15

Today is #mobilegeddon

My horoscope says today is a “suitable day for unpleasant but necessary chores”. A fitting recommendation in light of Google’s much-discussed mobile friendly update.

If your website is not yet mobile-friendly, now’s the time to tackle this “necessary chore” … Read More

13 Mar '15

Q+A with Taiji intern, Lebo Nkhahle

In a previous Wingtip, we introduced you to Taiji intern, Lebo Nkhahle. As you may recall, Lebo is from Lesotho, a country close to Africa’s southeastern tip. “Why”, you might ask, “has he come all the way to Vancouver … Read More

13 Mar '15

Scrapdrive collaborates with David Foster

To make a long story short, our client Schnitzer Steel, donates a huge chunk of their recycling revenues to the David Foster foundation – a tremendous charity. The program has been so successful that David Foster (you may have … Read More

10 Mar '15

Taiji visits “The Dubai of South America”

In early March, Caroll, Wayne, Nik and Evan travelled to the exotic paradise of Panama to meet with Taiji client, Ocean Blue. Open Blue is a remarkable company that harvests a fish called Cobia. The fish are harvested in the … Read More

06 Mar '15

Georgia on our minds

Our client Interfor, now one of the world’s largest forestry companies, has many divisions in North America, several of which are in the state of Georgia. In early February, Nik and Evan traveled to Savannah to shoot a corporate video … Read More

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