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Overture, curtains, lights. This is it, the night of nights. No more rehearsing and nursing a part, we know every part by heart!

28 Jun '17

Taiji – The Great Primal Beginning

How do you pronounce it?: Tie-gee  (soft “g” with equal emphasis on each syllable)

Here’s how you spell it in Japanese:  太地

Here’s how a calligrapher spell’s it with a brush:

What does it mean?:  The name is … Read More

25 Apr '17

The Oxford Comma

For grammar geeks like me, the term “Oxford comma” evokes a passionate response, but most people simply feel confused. What the heck is it, and how are you supposed to use it (or not)? My colleagues at TGB have … Read More

25 Apr '17

Chocolate Pearl opens in Duncan

And so it came to pass, in 2016, when it was clear that a new, uber-chic chocolate shop was required for the emerging centre of Old Town Duncan, British Columbia.

If you don’t like chocolate, then you can stop reading … Read More

21 Dec '15

Adventurous Taiji Advent Calendars

For those of you who grew up with holiday advent calendars, it’s unlikely you’ve forgotten the precious payload hidden behind those flimsy numbered doors. The fact that each chocolate morsel was likely to be old and stale was more … Read More

04 Dec '15

Jeff Germain, rock star client and well, just a plain rock star

Many people know that Island Beltone is a longtime Taiji Brand Group client, but few are aware that Jeff Germain, the company’s owner, is a member of the legendary Canadian rock band Queen City Kids. Jeff and his bandmates may … Read More

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