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Overture, curtains, lights. This is it, the night of nights. No more rehearsing and nursing a part, we know every part by heart!

02 Nov '15

Nik’s Mexican Adventure Spawns Album Cover Contest

This fall, Taiji Brand Group photographer and renaissance man Nik West headed south to Mexico on a sabbatical with his family. All the while, he has been sending us a variety of spectacular photos documenting the journey. Even the might … Read More

28 May '15

Name the island, win a cookbook!

Recently Taiji peeps Lebohang Nkhahle and Wayne Taiji got the opportunity to go up in a Robinson R44 helicopter, owned and piloted by neighbour and all-round-great-guy, Ian Underdown. As you can see from the photos, they got a bird’s eye … Read More

27 Apr '15

How to spell “fun” with 26 letters

What has 26 letters, is shaped like a fruit and is found on walls around the world? The answer is an “Applebet”, the brainchild of talented designer, Dale Nigel Goble. Part art and part learning aid, the Applebet is a … Read More

20 Jan '15

With a cup of tea in your hand, anything is possible

Did you know that 2015 marks The Year of the Sheep? According to the Zodiac, people born in the Year of the Sheep share these characteristics: smart, artistic, kind, happy, reserved and insecure. Sounds like just the requisites to work … Read More

14 Nov '14

Patti and Nadja step up to help The Cowichan Valley Basket Society

The Cowichan Valley Basket Society is a non-profit organization that works darn hard to ensure nobody goes hungry in our community. Realizing that this admirable, volunteer-run organization lacked professional branding help, Taiji team members, Patti Copeland and Nadja Penaluna took … Read More

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