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20 Oct '17

How to Be Cowichan’s Premier Custom Home Builder

Trustworthy, honest and ethical – those three words aren’t often used in the homebuilding industry. However, they perfectly describe the team at Made to Last Custom Homes.

Our client has blown the stereotype of custom homebuilders — people who give … Read More

30 May '17

Swim, Bike, Run, Brand.

Taiji Brand Group teamed up with Triathlon Canada to develop an exciting new look for the National Sporting Organization. The new Triathlon Canada brand stands out as unmistakably Canadian and teeming with national pride. We can’t wait to see … Read More

05 Jul '16

Taiji work graces Times Square in New York City

It’s not every day that a Canadian branding firm’s work is featured in New York, let alone in Times Square. Our Panamanian-based client, Open Blue Cobia, wanted to make a big splash (pun intended) in the US market and, for … Read More

04 Apr '16

Taiji’s latest work spans continents

For a number of years, Taiji has been involved with “Coaches Across Continents”, an international organization that has become a global leader in the “sport for social impact” movement. With sport (particularly soccer) serving as a way to support … Read More

14 Nov '14

Patti and Nadja step up to help The Cowichan Valley Basket Society

The Cowichan Valley Basket Society is a non-profit organization that works darn hard to ensure nobody goes hungry in our community. Realizing that this admirable, volunteer-run organization lacked professional branding help, Taiji team members, Patti Copeland and Nadja Penaluna took … Read More

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