April 25, 2017

Chocolate Pearl opens in Duncan

And so it came to pass, in 2016, when it was clear that a new, uber-chic chocolate shop was required for the emerging centre of Old Town Duncan, British Columbia.

If you don’t like chocolate, then you can stop reading right here. If you do, then please continue and learn about “Chocolate Pearl”, a new retailer of handmade, artisanal chocolate confections, founded and run in Duncan by Cheryl Painter Yonge, wife of Taiji staffer, Nigel Yonge.

Chocolate Pearl’s products include white, milk and dark chocolate “pearls”, as well as other assorted confections like blackberry caramel, pistachio marzipan and even a stout beer ganache. Mmm.

And that’s just the tip of the chocolate-covered iceberg. Cheryl will be regularly featuring new products, many of which will include ingredients sourced from local artisanal producers.

When you visit the shop and can’t decide, order one of her exquisite coffees (perhaps an indulgent mocha) and give it some thought. Believe us, it’s “Hmm” to “Mmm” in a very short period of time.

“Where did the name ‘Chocolate Pearl’ come from?”, you might ask. Great question. “Pearl” is the middle name of Cheryl’s grandmother, Vivian Pearl Chamberlin, a beautiful person and accomplished
watercolourist. So, when you witness Cheryl’s charm, artistic talent and verve, you’ll know where she got it from.

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