June 13, 2016

Cobia: The Movie and the Dish


Our Panama-based client Open Blue is the leader in open-ocean aquaculture and the world’s largest producer of cobia, a high protein fish renowned for its rich, buttery taste and meaty texture. Recently, we helped Open Blue with the launch of a virtual reality movie, filmed and produced by Koncept VR of New York. Working in high gear to meet the launch date, we designed a suite of “movie poster” promotional materials and conceived a fun idea for the VR viewer packaging: because much of the movie was filmed underwater, we made the box look like it contained a scuba mask. 

As Open Blue Founder Brian O’Hanlon explains, he wanted to tell the company’s story in an innovative way: “I have always felt that bringing people to Panama to see the farm is the best tool that we have to tell our story. Witnessing it first hand is an eye opening and very moving experience  – and that’s why virtual reality came to mind.”

If opening people’s eyes was the goal, the entire project is shaping up to be a blockbuster success. Since Open Blue launched their movie as an app on World Oceans Day, it has become the #2 trending video on YouTube 360, receiving 9,000 views on the first day. Other Open Blue projects on the horizon include promotions with both the Denver Broncos and Google.

Have a look at the teaser:

Or download the app:

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