Call, write or better yet visit.

Taiji Brand Group is a different kind of company that conducts business with a different approach in a different location. If you’d like to touch base, no need to fill out the usual stark form. Be different and simply call (collect) or write to us any time. You have our word we’ll get back to you right away.

Taiji Brand Group photoshoot

See our studio.

As we’re located near the shores of Maple Bay, it’s understandable to think that we might be based in a renovated boat shed or marina. However, (as cool as that would be) that’s not the case. In fact, our head office is nestled amongst oak trees in a new 2,500 sq.ft. Built Green© facility that features plenty of natural light and all the trappings of a modern design studio. If you’re a fan of nature and like to watch deer and other small creatures in their natural habitat, you’re welcome to watch our very own nature channel on big screen any time – otherwise known as our kitchen window. Please come inside and have a look.

Getting here.

We know it’s not our coffee, so perhaps it’s the fresh air, the beautiful countryside or the friendly vibe that compels clients to routinely pop by. Not that there’s anything wrong with flying from Toronto to proof a business card! Getting here is quite easy, whether it’s by car, ferry or floatplane. If you click on the maps, you’ll see exactly where we hang our hats.

Taiji Brand Group
1145 Maple Bay Road
Duncan, BC Canada
V9L 5X1

T: 250.483.4143  |  F: 250.483.4156 |  E:

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