November 14, 2014

Patti and Nadja step up to help The Cowichan Valley Basket Society

The Cowichan Valley Basket Society is a non-profit organization that works darn hard to ensure nobody goes hungry in our community. Realizing that this admirable, volunteer-run organization lacked professional branding help, Taiji team members, Patti Copeland and Nadja Penaluna took it upon themselves to offer Taiji assistance, pro bono.

The result was a new logo for the organization. And a new design for a program called “Vital Heart”, which jointly supports the Cowichan Valley Basket Society and the Cowichan Sportsplex. Yay, Patti and Nadja!

Cowichan Valley Basket Society

For more about the The Cowichan Valley Basket Society (they’re looking for volunteers!) please visit

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