October 20, 2017

How to Be Cowichan’s Premier Custom Home Builder

Trustworthy, honest and ethical – those three words aren’t often used in the homebuilding industry. However, they perfectly describe the team at Made to Last Custom Homes.

Our client has blown the stereotype of custom homebuilders — people who give low estimates to get the job and then produce surprise additional budget items to complete it — to smithereens. Thanks to Made to Last’s great communication and stellar project management from design to completion, homeowners can be sure their dream home will become reality on time and on budget.

As Taiji Brand Group worked on Made to Last’s rebranding, we discovered that owner Steven Fitzpatrick and the team at Taiji have something important in common: the strong belief in integrity as a core value of our business. “We conduct ourselves honestly and ethically at all times. We build trust through transparency and accountability,” says Steve. There are many customer testimonials and industry awards to back him up.

The similarities in our business approaches helped make our collaborative project a big success. As a result, a beautiful and sophisticated new brand has emerged, repositioning Made to Last from a renovation company to a premier custom homebuilder. The previous brand was characterized by a black and yellow “Stanley Tool” vibe that was great for tradespeople but not ideal for discerning custom home clients. Now, the clean, crisp and well-balanced design of the new Made to Last Custom Homes brand speaks of contemporary sophistication while being humble enough to make you feel at home — in your dream home.

To experience the new brand, please visit their new website:

Creative Director- Caroll Taiji
Designer- Fiona Hawkes
Copywriter- Claire Matthews
Senior Technical Director- Zachariah Crow
Website Developer- David Alexander
SEO Analyst-Jenny Farkas
Project manager- Wayne Taiji
Project Coordinator and Social Media Strategist- Zoe Millette
Production Manager and Technical Support – Patti Copeland

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