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04 Apr '16

Taiji’s latest work spans continents

For a number of years, Taiji has been involved with “Coaches Across Continents”, an international organization that has become a global leader in the “sport for social impact” movement. With sport (particularly soccer) serving as a way to support … Read More

21 Dec '15

Adventurous Taiji Advent Calendars

For those of you who grew up with holiday advent calendars, it’s unlikely you’ve forgotten the precious payload hidden behind those flimsy numbered doors. The fact that each chocolate morsel was likely to be old and stale was more … Read More

04 Dec '15

Jeff Germain, rock star client and well, just a plain rock star

Many people know that Island Beltone is a longtime Taiji Brand Group client, but few are aware that Jeff Germain, the company’s owner, is a member of the legendary Canadian rock band Queen City Kids. Jeff and his bandmates may … Read More

02 Nov '15

Nik’s Mexican Adventure Spawns Album Cover Contest

This fall, Taiji Brand Group photographer and renaissance man Nik West headed south to Mexico on a sabbatical with his family. All the while, he has been sending us a variety of spectacular photos documenting the journey. Even the might … Read More

28 May '15

Name the island, win a cookbook!

Recently Taiji peeps Lebohang Nkhahle and Wayne Taiji got the opportunity to go up in a Robinson R44 helicopter, owned and piloted by neighbour and all-round-great-guy, Ian Underdown. As you can see from the photos, they got a bird’s eye … Read More

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