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26 May '15

Create: recipes that meet with success

At Taiji Brand Group we host a lot of meetings and workshops in our offices, many of which include lunch. It’s our longstanding belief that the kind of food that one serves at these meetings has great bearing on … Read More

04 May '15

Taiji Brand Group’s work recognized in Miami Beach

Based in New York, the Art Directors Club Awards is the world’s oldest continuously running advertising and design awards show. The “cubes” that they award annually are among the most coveted within our industry. Last week, at their 94th festival … Read More

27 Apr '15

How to spell “fun” with 26 letters

What has 26 letters, is shaped like a fruit and is found on walls around the world? The answer is an “Applebet”, the brainchild of talented designer, Dale Nigel Goble. Part art and part learning aid, the Applebet is a … Read More

21 Apr '15

Today is #mobilegeddon

My horoscope says today is a “suitable day for unpleasant but necessary chores”. A fitting recommendation in light of Google’s much-discussed mobile friendly update.

If your website is not yet mobile-friendly, now’s the time to tackle this “necessary chore” … Read More

13 Mar '15

Q+A with Taiji intern, Lebo Nkhahle

In a previous Wingtip, we introduced you to Taiji intern, Lebo Nkhahle. As you may recall, Lebo is from Lesotho, a country close to Africa’s southeastern tip. “Why”, you might ask, “has he come all the way to Vancouver … Read More

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