November 2, 2015

Nik’s Mexican Adventure Spawns Album Cover Contest

This fall, Taiji Brand Group photographer and renaissance man Nik West headed south to Mexico on a sabbatical with his family. All the while, he has been sending us a variety of spectacular photos documenting the journey. Even the might of Hurricane Patricia wasn’t enough to stem his creativity.

The photos he sent us were so compelling, they begged to be album covers. So, the challenge issued to each of us was this: using one of Nik’s Mexico photos, create a rock n’ roll album cover using a band name and title of your own choosing. With the exception of Wayne and Caroll — who were busy preparing for the VIEA conference in Nanaimo – most submitted an entry. In the end, Patti’s band “Ocean’s Arrest” won for “their” album “Luchadores Por La Libertad”, which roughly translated from Spanish means “Eat lunch from recipes found in the Taiji Cookbook.”

Special mentions to Dale (West Gone South), Nadja (Wilson), Claire (Nik And The Palmettos), Zachariah (The Great Whites), Nigel (The Red Herrings) and Nik himself (The Bobble Heads) for creativity above and beyond.

Rumours of a tour featuring all of these bands are running rampant; once we find capable musicians to pull it off, we’ll let you know.

Here are all the album covers. To see more of Nik’s amazing Mexican shots, click here.

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