Branding social change

Supporting the leaders of sport for social impact.

Coaches Across Continents is a global leader in the “sport for social impact” movement. They use the universal language of soccer to teach vital life skills and work in over 20 countries a year
Since 2008 they have been implementing a unique, three-year training program that focuses on issues such as gender equity, conflict resolution, social inclusion and health and wellness. CAC’s senior team worked with Taiji — connecting from soccer fields and internet cafes all over the world — to strengthen and clarify the brand, so that everyone inside and outside of the organization – and especially potential funders, could clearly understand their mission, goals and accomplishments. Our brand strategy and execution was embraced by staff and sponsors alike, and has quickly catapulted them to a new level of profile and endorsement.

Coaches Across Continents

Coaches Across Continents 2015 Annual Report

Nick Gates
Founder and CEO
Coaches Across Continents

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