Bringing Schnitzer to Canada

Facilitating a smooth transition for one of the world’s largest recyclers.

Schnitzer asked us to help them manage their brand with employees, customers and stakeholders following their sizeable acquisition of scrap metal companies in Western Canada.
Following Schnitzer’s purchase of eight companies in British Columbia and Alberta, we were engaged to facilitate a smooth brand transition and reduce concerns about a large US company buying up the region’s biggest metal recyclers. We executed a comprehensive transition in under 90 days, including a brand strategy and communications toolkit, staff orientation and training, facilities branding and fleet livery, a full community roll-out, and a robust brand portal. We continue to support Schnitzer’s brand integration with highly successful community engagement, employee training and customer loyalty programs, including the extremely popular ScrapDrive program.

Andrew Ketch
Bringing Schnitzer to Canada
Produced by Evan Bourque
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