Living the new normal

Making localized climate change real and relevant

Taiji was engaged by the Cowichan Valley Regional District to share information about individual and regional solutions to minimize the impacts of drought and flooding.

Summer drought and winter flood conditions have become the “new normal” in the Cowichan. We were asked to develop a public education campaign to convey the reality of local drought and flooding, and suggest some subtle changes in behaviour to help mitigate the hazards. We created an overarching “New Normal” brand, along with secondary FloodSmart and DroughtSmart brands. Outreach tactics included a series of movable outdoor banners with thought-provoking messages; flood and drought rating signage; highway billboards; interactive displays for public events and a robust toolkit with communications materials for home, business and agriculture; and an easy-to-update website that CVRD staff use to share current conditions, water restrictions, information, advisories and other updates.

New Normal Cowichan
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