Making hearing aids hip

A classic health services brand for seniors gets a youthful facelift.

Island Beltone needed help reaching a very resistant audience: seniors who are as hearing impaired as they are reluctant to do something about it.

Island Beltone is a hearing aid company that operates in a very competitive market. There are a number of suppliers that typically cater to the same demographic: seniors. While the senior demographic does makes up a significant part of the market, there is another expanding demographic: aging “Baby Boomers”. The Taiji team sought to directly target this demographic — with an ace up their sleeve. The owner of Island Beltone happens to be both a Baby Boomer and a retired rock star. When he drummed for “The Queen City Kids” in the early 1980s, he toured with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett and Blue Öyster Cult. In that pursuit he (get this) became quite deaf. A hearing-impaired former rock star that runs a hearing aid company: it was the perfect basis for a campaign to target the 45 to 55 year-old market. Using the owner in many of the executions, a print, television and radio campaign was developed that was a complete departure from what all the competitors were doing.

Island Beltone

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