Opening doors to community lending

What a boring world it would be if no one asked “What if?"

Community Futures Alberta is a different type of lender, who wanted promote their message in an unconventional way.
Community Futures are different than banks because their return on investment has less to do with black ink and more to do with making rural communities better places to live and work. Community Futures Alberta asked Taiji Brand Group to create a campaign that captured the imagination of entrepreneurial visionaries. The answer to this challenge came in the form of the question: “What if?”
To wit, “What if regional entrepreneurs had the means to create networks, find markets and grow ideas into reality?” It’s a lofty question that was ultimately answered with another question: “Why not?” To articulate all this existential thinking, a two-minute animated video was created that introduced “Hal”, an eager individual who seeks the answer in an austere small town before eventually opening the right door. In the end (spoiler alert) he literally discovers a new world of opportunity! The video was supported by print, collateral, radio and online display ads. Thank you Community Futures for being such an awesome client! Thank you Giant Ant, who provided animation, and Treehouse, who helped with our campaign media strategy. All indications are that this campaign will be a huge success — in week one, over 55,000 people viewed the video.

What if? campaign video

Community Futures Alberta website
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