Merging two cultures

Brand transition for one of the world’s largest recyclers.

Steel Pacific Recycling was a family run business operating on Vancouver Island since the 1950s. Taiji got involved during a period of rapid growth, acquisition and service expansion. Our job was to help define a strong identity and direction.
Steel Pacific’s senior management recognized that their new status as Vancouver Island’s largest metal recycler opened up significant new opportunities, but the casual, low profile they had cultivated over the years had now become a limiting factor. They needed to quickly assert themselves as the “fair and ethical leader” of the industry, ramp up their public profile and quell internal culture clashes following their merger. Taiji evolved a powerful brand strategy that helped position Steel Pacific as the new face of the recycling industry. The new positioning line, “Keep it in play” reflected the company’s commitment (keeping material out of the waste stream) and became the cornerstone of a comprehensive brand program that included advertising and promotion, employee, stakeholder and community relations programs, and a strong online presence. Steel Pacific Recycling was so successful that it was purchased by one of the world’s largest metal recyclers within five years of the rebrand.
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