September 22, 2014

Shelter Point Visit

September 2014

In one of those trips that leaned far more towards pleasure than business, Caroll, Wayne, Nick, Nigel and Cheryl ventured up north to visit our friends at Shelter Point Distillery. The occasion was a private reception held inside their lavish new facility, smack dab in rolling countryside on the outskirts of Campbell River. Greeted by Shelter Point’s owner, Patrick Evans, we were treated to a variety of appetizers and samples of their “Field to Flask” sprits (hey, it’s all in the name of product knowledge). We’re pleased to report that their single malt whisky is coming along very well and their tripled distilled Still Master Vodka was as fine as ever. The highlight of the evening was when Patrick and Operations Manager, James Marinus made a (very) big announcement: the addition of a massive copper still, which, needless to say, will greatly enhance their production volume. How big is the still? If you take a look at the slideshow you’ll see it. It’s ‘so’ big, the team at Shelter Point had to remove the doors of the building where it’s temporarily being stored. If you’ve never been to Shelter Point and would like to see how whisky and vodka can be made in the lap of paradise, why not pop in for a visit?
Thank you Patrick, James and Kimm for having us!

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