May 30, 2017

Swim, Bike, Run, Brand.

Taiji Brand Group teamed up with Triathlon Canada to develop an exciting new look for the National Sporting Organization. The new Triathlon Canada brand stands out as unmistakably Canadian and teeming with national pride. We can’t wait to see it complimenting Olympic and Paralympic medals on podiums in the years to come.

Along the way, we connected with a dedicated community across Canada, who are all playing their part to promote and develop the sport of triathlon on a national level and in their own backyard. We’ve learned a lot about triathlon and witnessed the passion and drive behind Canada’s sporting organizations. Plus, the amount of lean muscle in those meetings left us inspired to hit the pavement, the pool or hop on our bikes a little more often!

Although an Ironman isn’t likely to be in the near future for most of the Taiji team, we’ll be cheering loudly from the sidelines while we watch Triathlon Canada continue to run, swim and cycle into the future as a National Sporting Organization and a growing Olympic sport.

Next up, we’ll be working with the Triathlon Canada Provincial Sporting Organizations to develop equally beautiful and branded websites. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, take a peek at the brand new Triathlon Canada website.

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