December 12, 2017

Taiji team member launches new crowdsource art site

Vancouver Island artists now have a new hub to showcase their work, and art lovers have an easier way to find them.

A passion project several years in the making, creator Jenny Farkas launched the free site this week – with huge help from another Taiji team member Zachariah Crow.

“The depth and breadth of artistic output on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands is staggering,“ explains Farkas, “But until now there was no way to see it all at once.”

Farkas’ vision was a site as well-designed and beautiful to the eye as the artworks themselves.

“The site is designed to honour the beauty of the art. My goal is an ‘eye-candy’ website that art makers and art lovers alike want to visit regularly.”

Feedback from early contributors indicate that it is indeed simple to use, and artists are telling Farkas they are excited to be a part of something Island-wide. Similarly, Farkas is starting to hear an equally positive from art lovers.

“Vancouver Island is increasingly organizing and promoting itself as one big, glorious region,” continues Farkas, “and who better to express this beauty and vitality than our artists!”

Art postings are organized into eight sub-regions (Victoria, Cowichan, Nanaimo, Courtenay, North and South Gulf Islands and West Coast), allowing site visitors to truly find art ‘right where they are’.

Unlike other digital art galleries, ArtFinds.Me plays no role in the art transaction – art makers and art buyers are responsible for payment and delivery. The site also offers low-cost ad space for art shows and announcements.

Learn more at You can also follow the site via Twitter or Instagram at @artfindsme

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