June 28, 2017

Taiji – The Great Primal Beginning

How do you pronounce it? What does it mean?

How do you pronounce it?: Tie-gee  (soft “g” with equal emphasis on each syllable)

Here’s how you spell it in Japanese:  太地

Here’s how a calligrapher spell’s it with a brush:

What does it mean?:  The name is a Japanese variation of an ancient Chinese philosophy about the natural world.

“The word Taiji itself refers to the “great primal beginning” of all that exists, and is often translated as the ‘Supreme Ultimate’. It is the state of absolute and infinite potential, the oneness before the duality. This concept is comparable to the initial state of the universe right at the moment of the big bang, or the initial singularity. From this state, Yin and Yang were generated.

The Taiji philosophy holds that all natural phenomena have two aspects – Yin and Yang. They are the opposite yet complementary forces which form the two primary aspects of the universe. Yin and Yang are interdependent and they cannot exist independent of one another. If there is no light, one cannot talk about darkness. Without stillness, there cannot be the concept of motion. 

Practically speaking, Taiji philosophy emphasizes the importance of maintaining balance between Yin and Yang – a perspective which applies to all aspects of our daily lives.”

Googled from some Tai Chi website
(Taiji and Tai Chi are interchangeable)


Are we the ‘Supreme Ultimate’:  No, not really, but we’re pretty darn good.

Do we have Yin and Yang?: We’re pretty good on the Yin. Still working on the Yang.

Anything else about TAIJI?: Do not watch The Cove.

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