April 4, 2016

Taiji’s latest work spans continents


For a number of years, Taiji has been involved with “Coaches Across Continents”, an international organization that has become a global leader in the “sport for social impact” movement. With sport (particularly soccer) serving as a way to support youth around the world, Coaches Across Continents focuses on local issues such as female empowerment, health and wellness, child rights, life skills and yes, having a lot of fun playing sports. Since 2008, they have worked in 37 countries, certified 14,221 community coaches and directly impacted two million young people.

Recipients of 16 major global awards, CAC was recently admitted into the prestigious Clinton Global Initiative and as a follow up, have launched a new program called “ASK for Choice”, which will impact over a million children.

Taiji’s most recent involvement has included pro-bono work to design a new brand for “ASK for Choice” and CAC’s latest annual report – both of which were deftly designed by Hana and Nadja. You can review the report here and for more on this very worthy charity, please visit

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