July 5, 2016

Tourism Cowichan Society goes with Taiji Brand Group

Many thanks to Tourism Cowichan Society, which recently awarded us the coveted contract to develop a brand strategy with which to enhance Cowichan’s tourism offering. Tourism Cowichan Society’s Chairperson, Janet Docherty, said this of the initiative, “Cowichan’s potential as a premier tourism destination has never been bigger, yet right now it’s being promoted in a piecemeal fashion. The new brand strategy needs to be robust and tell the Valley’s story well while dovetailing with the efforts of Destination BC (the crown corporation responsible for the stirring ‘The Wild Within’ commercials). Taiji Brand Group are adept brand storytellers and they’re skilled in a number of other disciplines. In the end, we felt they were best equipped for the task.” Taiji was one of five firms vying for the business, and work on the project has already begun. Thank you Tourism Cowichan Society!

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