March 2, 2015

Welcome Lebohang Nkhahle!

If you ask Google to take you from “Maseru” in Lesotho to Taiji Brand Group in Maple Bay, you’ll discover that it’s a trip of some 16,760 KM (10,414 miles). Fortunately, for Maseru resident and aspiring creative, Lebohang Nkhale, he’ll be making the trip by air! As part of a six-month creative internship, Lebohang will be hanging with the Taiji crew, learning the ropes and otherwise proving himself indispensable to the cause. In addition to augmenting his creative skills, Lebohang is sure to learn other valuable skills from Taiji staffers such as: kayaking (thank you Claire and family), goofing off (thank you Wayne) and the art of exploding litres of soda using Mentos candy (thank you Nigel and sons). If you’re in our ‘hood please make a point of dropping by and saying hello to Lebohang — he arrives on March 5th and we can’t wait!

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