September 5, 2014


Welcome to the first edition of Wingtips, our Taiji team blog.

Why is it called “Wingtips”? Because it fits the criteria of a great brand word? (Quirky, sticky, memorable.) Because it has a really nice aspirational tone? (Who doesn’t dream of flying on the wing of a bird or a plane?) Nope. It’s because wingtips are our absolute favourite footwear. Seriously. They’re super-comfy and they last forever. They never really go out of style. They are equally good for women and for men. There is a wingtip style for everybody from serious suits to hipster designers. And, best of all, you can wear them with crazy socks for a “business on top, party below” effect. That’s kind of how we hope you’ll find the experience of working with us. We want to be a comfortable fit. We want our work to be wearable for a long time. We want to express your unique spirit. And, most of all, we want to have a bit of fun and add some zip to your world!

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