September 24, 2014

We went to a Beltone Hearing Centre opening and a rock concert broke out!

If you followed the Canadian rock music scene in the early 1980s, you may be familiar with The Queen City Kids. They were a quartet from Regina whose contemporaries included Streetheart, Loverboy and Harlequin. After signing with Columbia Records in 1981, they toured with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett and Blue Öyster Cult. After the band called it quits in 1983, drummer Jeff Germain joined his father’s company, Island Beltone. Today, Jeff is the owner of the Island Beltone chain and due largely to his rock and roll past, the wearer of Beltone hearing aids.

All this began to form the basis of our new advertising campaign for Island Beltone. Our TV and print executions showed Jeff drumming and suggested that it was both “irony” and “payback” that led a former rock star to become owner of a hearing aid company.

Which gets us to the crux of this particular blog: last Saturday we all attended the grand opening of the newest Island Beltone Hearing Centre in Victoria – a project we had been planning for weeks. There was food, swag, much laughter and as you may have guessed by now – a performance by Jeff’s old band, The Queen City Kids. Also on hand was Frank Skubski, general manager of Beltone Canada and to help with the ribbon cutting was Jeff’s mother Bobbie.

If you’d like to get your hearing tested for free and see the future of hearing care, you must drop by the new location, 3453 Saanich Road near Victoria, just south of Uptown.

If you want to know more about the band, check out their official site.

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