About us

Our work and team

Since our inception in 1989, Taiji Brand Group has helped hundreds of clients maximize their success by way of world-class branding and communications. We are experts at bringing clarity and focus to products, companies, ideas, causes, places and experiences. Our clients range from visionary startups and non-profit organizations to international Fortune 500 companies. We’re based in a little piece of paradise called Maple Bay, BC and although it’s only a 20-minute floatplane flight from Vancouver and a short drive from Victoria, it’s a world away in terms of work environments. Clients who visit us often say that it’s our serene location that fosters our unique way of looking at their marketing challenges.

Meet the team

The Taiji team is a talented and diverse group — just about all of whom have done their time in the ivory tower. Each is collaborative, driven, meticulous about detail and fuelled by humour, good food and (often) strong coffee. If you’re looking for an agency that lacks pretension and you’d prefer to partner with people who are as nice as they are talented, we could be the agency for you.

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