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30 May '17

Swim, Bike, Run, Brand.

Taiji Brand Group teamed up with Triathlon Canada to develop an exciting new look for the National Sporting Organization. The new Triathlon Canada brand stands out as unmistakably Canadian and teeming with national pride. We can’t wait to see … Read More

26 May '17

The Style Guide – what it is and why your organization needs one (really).

If you’ve worked in publishing or in media – or anywhere else where writing is the main activity – you’ve probably had to refer to a style guide. But even if writing isn’t your main business, your organization can … Read More

25 Apr '17

How to verify your Facebook page and why you should!

We’ve had a few people ask, “Why should I verify my Facebook page? And how do I do it?”

So we asked Zoe, our in-house Social Media specialist, to lay out the steps for you.

Verifying your Facebook page … Read More

25 Apr '17

The Oxford Comma

For grammar geeks like me, the term “Oxford comma” evokes a passionate response, but most people simply feel confused. What the heck is it, and how are you supposed to use it (or not)? My colleagues at TGB have … Read More

25 Apr '17

Words from the Wise

Caroll Taiji’s address to the 2017 graduating class of VIU’s School of Graphic Design

Good evening faculty and staff. Good evening proud families and other guests. And most especially, good evening to the 2017 graduating class of Vancouver Island … Read More

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