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22 Apr '18

Black Tie Awards, April 7, 2018

Administered by The Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce, the “Black Tie Awards” celebrate business excellence throughout the Cowichan Valley. Recently, twenty-four finalists were chosen from more than 150 public submissions. Shortlisted in the “Business Achievement, 11 – 19 Employees” category, … Read More

12 Dec '17

Taiji team member launches new crowdsource art site

Vancouver Island artists now have a new hub to showcase their work, and art lovers have an easier way to find them.

A passion project several years in the making, creator Jenny Farkas launched the free site this … Read More

20 Oct '17

How to Be Cowichan’s Premier Custom Home Builder

Trustworthy, honest and ethical – those three words aren’t often used in the homebuilding industry. However, they perfectly describe the team at Made to Last Custom Homes.

Our client has blown the stereotype of custom homebuilders — people who give … Read More

28 Jun '17

Taiji – The Great Primal Beginning

How do you pronounce it?: Tie-gee  (soft “g” with equal emphasis on each syllable)

Here’s how you spell it in Japanese:  太地

Here’s how a calligrapher spell’s it with a brush:

What does it mean?:  The name is … Read More

19 Jun '17

Another big win for Coaches Across Continents

For the past five years, Taiji Brand Group has been very proud to support Coaches Across Continents (CAC), an award-winning NGO that promotes and implements “Sport for Social Impact” programs around the world. What is Sport for Social Impact? It … Read More

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