Kakūn Sleep

Embracing better night’s sleep

When Resthouse Sleep Solutions approached Taiji to brand a new signature line of all-natural sleep products, we were in! As creative problem-solvers, we believe in the power of a good night’s sleep. Plus, many of us were already using Resthouse products.  

Sleep issues are emerging as the next global health crisis. And, getting the best sleep isn’t just a matter of choosing the right mattress. After years of piecing together everyone else’s products for customers, Resthouse developed its own system. They combined the highest quality natural materials with forward-thinking design and an intimate understanding of how we sleep. The resulting solution has all the elements needed for optimal sleep. There is nothing quite like it in the market and Resthouse chose Taiji to help tell the story.

Working closely with the Resthouse team, we developed the Kakun Sleep Ecosystem brand. Even though the science behind sleep is complex, we kept the brand simple and affable. We combined succinct, smart copy with custom illustration, colourful animation and lush lifestyle-oriented product photography. The end result is a fresh and magnetic brand that stands well apart from anything in its category. The brand has just hit the market but the early response is very positive.

“We knew we had an amazing concept and Taiji built us a fresh and dynamic brand from scratch. Their work was professional and over-the-moon brilliant. Their ability to collaborate with three owners was a testament to their skill and higher level thinking. We felt that they were completely in line with our vision. Their team was also whole-heartily enthusiastic about our products and made us feel completely at home. We enjoyed every step from creation to launch. KakunSleep’s success is riding high on the shoulders of this hard working and creative bunch. Thank you!”

Taiji worked with illustrator Sebastian Abboud and animator Andrew Embury to produce a video that could quickly communicate the how a body pillow takes you from awake and uncomfortable to a peaceful slumber.


Taiji recently launched an online store, social media and digital marketing campaign to promote the new Kakun Sleep Ecosystem.

Brand Image Bank

Taiji created a comfy-cozy collection of original brand imagery to showcase the complete Kakun Sleep Ecosystem with beautiful lifestyle, product and detail photography.

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