Branding the sum of the parts

For 50 years, Penticton & District Community Resources Society (PDCRS) provided a full spectrum of 44 unique services from pregnancy support to end-of-life care in 13 South Okanagan communities. Despite their impact, brand awareness was very low. Few of their 200+ employees even understood the full scope of their contribution. And, the community was continually confusing PDCRS with other similar sounding organizations.

Taiji helped guide a collaborative brand process to focus and energize the organization for its next 50 years. We interviewed staff, volunteers and clients and taking the time to build trust and understanding around our process. Input workshops were facilitated with the leadership team and an interactive open house was held for stakeholders and community partners. Taiji then worked with the leadership team to develop a brand blueprint, a distinctive new name and visual identity plus all of the tools and supports needed to live the new brand.

Even though the work of fully integrating the new brand into the organization and its way of doing business continues, the impact of the brand is obvious. People inside OneSky have a renewed sense of pride and a common vision for the future. Externally, OneSky solidly positioned as the collaborative leader in community quality of life.

“We anticipate significant change and growth in the coming years, including more programs, partnerships and community capital projects. The Taiji brand process has positioned us well for success. On in the inside, it helped us rally around a common purpose and a bold vision for the future. On the outside, it’s building trust and support by ensuring our diverse audiences finally understand our scope, reach and impact.”

Tanya Behardien | Executive Director

After a week of shooting stills and video in OneSky territory, Nik West produced this video for the AGM. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

Brand Image Bank

Taking the time to visit every OneSky community and program facility paid huge dividends. Our client now has an amazing visual library to work with. Plus, the staff, volunteers and clients all felt valued and embraced.

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