Open Blue

Shaping the future of aquaculture

When people think of Panama, the first thing that comes to mind is the 77-kilometre canal that bisects the continent. However, there is something else that Panama is becoming internationally acclaimed for: aquaculture — and the company that’s leading the industry just happens to be our client.

Open Blue is a pioneer in open-ocean farming and the world’s single largest supplier of fresh cobia, one of the fastest growing fish species on the planet. They’re also one of the biggest employers in their region, helping to build a new economic base in rural Caribbean communities. Taiji is helping them explain their unique vision to their customers — seafood buyers and chefs in North America, Europe and Japan — and to their fellow Panamanians, for whom aquaculture is a very new activity.

We work primarily with Open Blue’s Chief Sustainability Officer and her team on a wide range of community affairs, human resources and global sustainability initiatives.


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We’ve visited Panama several times to tour operations and capture imagery of Open Blue people, operations, product and customers.

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